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The online Aries Teacher Guide is your interactive tool to support you with the Aries curriculum. Following is a brief description of its components.

What's New

Since Aries can update items online on a daily basis, keep up to date with new features, services, and programs with Aries curricula. 



We all know that the Internet contains a virtual library of the world’s knowledge, but how can we use it effectively in the classroom? Here you will find many useful ideas for incorporating the Internet in the classroom.


Lesson Plans

You will find lesson objectives, suggested materials, procedures, supplemental web resources, and activity suggestions for each lesson.


Aries Assessment System

You can download the Teacher and Student Assessment manuals.


Internship Form

You will find internship forms for all the Aries Curriculum.




If you’re having difficulty downloading the Aries curriculum or any of the necessary plug-ins, this is the place to head. Additionally, the other most commonly asked questions and answers will be here.


Contact Us

Since we are online, the most effective way to reach us with suggestions, corrections, or comments is through email. This section identifies the ways to reach us.


Known Bugs

Whenever teachers or students contact us with bugs or errors in any of the Aries materials, we attempt to resolve the situation within 24 hours. This area will keep you up to date with revisions and fixes.

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